Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Bay has Frozen

Hello Everyone,
The good news is the bay froze last night, so in a couple of days it'll be thick enough for machines. The bad news is yesterdays loss of a local man (24 years old) has left me without cashiers, as all my cashiers are related to him and need time off to grieve. A loss in a community this size is felt by everyone and the repurcussions resound thoughtout town. The north has a higher loss rate than anywhere else in the community with the largest killer of children being suicide. Everyone has had someone in their family take the easy way out. Its a shame as the community takes these events much harder than their southern counterparts. The town will shut down for the funeral, all stores, government offices and private bussiness's will close for the event. I believe the suicide rate up here is something like 350% higher than the rest of the country. amazing considering the size of the communities we are dealing with here.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Finally had a minute to catch up on your adventures. Hope Christopher's case remains mild.Nice to hear that you found the friend to make amends with.Our weather is suppose to be up to 16 this coming week. I hate to say it but we need snow to boost the sales.We are making budget but nothing spectacular.The snow will help to get rid of the winter stock that is coming in.Sorry to hear that things are not well at the store but I found it interesting that the suicide rate is up where you are. But then given the style of living it is difficult to see any other way.I don't know just a suggestion.Well take care , Donna