Friday, November 03, 2006

Out of the Blue (and into the Fire)

Hello Everyone,
Well today was a very interesting day. For years I've been looking for a old friend I wanted to make ammends with and hopefully rejuvinate a old friendship, however due to the nature of his name and the time involved I was always unable to find him. Well today he sent me a email, he's found my Blog and followed that to me. Its amazing how small the world has become now the World Wide Web has allowed us to communicate with others of like minds across thousands of miles. Thats why I like the map to the side of this blog, I find it amazing how people from across the world end up here, Different worlds meet in the internet and hopefully make us all a little bit larger in our small part of the world.
On other note's, I found out we have to do a inventory next week. This came as a fairly unpopular surprise, as I was hoping to get some time off once the new guy arrived to unwind and relax, now I just have to wind it up a little tighter. I have three trained office people, 2 locals and Melissa, One of the locals is off to Iqaluit for student parliment next week, the other local suffered a loss of a family member today so she'll need some time off, and Melissa is nursing Christopher back to health so I'm basicly screwed. Now I have to sit in the office all day and wait for customers to serve as the gret Northern Bank. Well, thats what I came to the north for, to live a ordinary life in a extrordinary way.
Take Care,
PS. Temps are finally getting down to seasonal norms and the water in the bay seems to be "thickening up"

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