Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our First

Hello everyone,
This was our first carving. It was made by Nate in Baker Lake, Its not particularly good but we like it. As you can see Nate is triing to make the carving more appealing to southerner's by polishing it, this takes ALOT of time and adds nothing to the value so is usually only done by lesser known carvers, this bear is about 5 inches high and 7 inches long. You never forget your first, This would have been wednesday (definately a Wednesday, Bingo night in Baker) when his wife brought this around, It was like the home shopping network had gone local. Anyways, Good night,
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Wow, loved the carvings. The only forseeable problem is when you make your next move, I am sure they will be adding a lot of weight to your belongings. Nevertheless, they are magnificent.

I am stunned at the sunsets. I loved the one where the sky and surrounding area looked a vivid blue. No doubt, seeing it firsthand would be preferable, but you have done a great job at capturing the moment.

No snow here -- yet, but know that soon we will be whining about the white stuff. We have been quite fortunate weatherwise, so won't complain.

I hope that Christopher has made a full recovery from his chicken pox and cold.

Everywhere you look these days, it seems that people are getting into the Christmas spirit. Already, lots of homeowners have their lights on and their lawns adorned with all the usual paraphanalia. I still have pumpkins and gourds on my front porch, and haven't fully embraced the Christmas season.

I was wondering if you had a library there and if you get a lot of the new books. We recently had a book exchange (sale) at work and now have many leftovers that have to be dealt with. It would be nice if they could be put to good use somewhere, but with the cost of shipping etc. sending them to far off places would probably be quite expensive.

I don't envy you doing inventory, but it's always nice when it's done. Take care and keeping the sunset pics coming. Rosalie