Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our latest carving

Hello Everyone,
we've never shown any of of carvings that we've aquired since we got here so we wanted to share some of them with you now. This carving shows eight birds in various forms of action, the uppermost 3 are supposed to be perched above the water. The next four are diving into the water and the last bird is swimming under the water (for fish). They are carved of walrus ivory, the branch carved from caribou antler and the based carved from green soapstone. This is a Repulse Bay carving. It measure about 6 inches high.
Take Care

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Jaime said...

I think the carving of the birds is really neat... Is this a common Repulse style?

Something I've learned since I've been up here is that when you see a carving you like, buy it. My third week in Nunavut, I was in Coral, and a carver brought around to the hotel a carving of a pair of walruses he had made, which was amazingly done. It was about 16" long, and six inches high. If I only knew then what I know now... I'm still kicking myself for not buying it.

BTW, I'll be in Repulse this week for a couple of days- If I get a chance, I'll come say hello!