Friday, December 22, 2006

Elders Day

Hello Everyone,
Well, two more shopping days till Christmas. We completed Christophers gift buying in September so we're ok there, however I'm still in the air with Melissa. On Christmas Day it looks like Santa's going to visit Christopher, hopefully that goes well. I'm going to go and get the Santa suit from the store and bring his presents over in the morning, I hope he likes it but he doesn't have alot of Santa experience. He understands and totally approves of the concept of someone bringing him gifts, We'll have to see what he thinks of the Big Guy himself.
Here are some photo's of Elders Day at the Northern. Everyone seemed to have fun and I let Melissa host lets make a deal, She has a little thing for the Elders. Melissa and Lizzie (my Office supervisor) made excellent hosts. We ended up with 14 elders, which is 8 more than we got last year, we pretty much got everyone above 60 in town.
Take Care

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