Sunday, December 24, 2006

Its looking alot like Christmas

Hello Everyone,
I know some of you in southern Ontario have been telling me about your lack of snow. We never really has a shortage but it hasn't snowed since we got here, until last night at 10 pm. Its been coming down ever since and so far it been nice christmas'y snow, big fluffy flakes, with a gentle descent to the ground. Thats left us with about half a foot in the last 12 hours, but there are 2 minor problems with this. First, we have a Blizzard starting in about half a hour and we're in a valley, which means the half a foot from all the surrounding area's is going to end up here. The second problem is the guys who remove snow work regular hours, and I don't think they'll be working in the next 3 days, which could leave us with a heck of a mess on the 27th. Well, I guess we'll just go on and see what happens, but by now you know, I'm cheering for a earth shattering blizzard, one that makes the "Day after Tommorrow" look like spring break in Lauderdale. somehow this doesn't feel like it though.
Take Care

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