Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hello Everyone,
I should be discussing my new community and the wonders we have found within, however I just discovered something that makes me wonder about the nature of the human spirit and mind.

Now, everyone has different callings and aptitudes and these we must consider before hailing of condemning other for they're personal choice's. There was a time while we've been in the north that my personal evil was another southerner who joined the northern community I was in and "didn't get it". This individual flailed thier way through a traditional culture with nothing but insults for the local community and culture, They failed to appreciate anything of thier experience but enjoyed ridiculing that which they faced. I have to admit this person made me feel shame at the way they acted and how that must look to the local population and what they must think of me being from the same culture. I and others were happy with this person's departure from the north back to thier "home". Now I have learned this person's love of the all mighty dollar has compelled them to return to the land of poor "dental hygiene". Now, however this person seems to have forgotten the daily horrors (their words) they were sentenced to by accepting thier contract and has voluntarily signed again after a 9 month absense. I am happy I am no longer in this community however I feel for the locals who will have to once again look up the nose of this southerner. If you feel youself so desirous of the mighty buck in your life I suggest you return to school, strive for professional development, or find some other route to your dreams rather than using a fault of your memory to believe acceptance was anything more than tolerance.
Anyways, Here's a nice picture of Kangiqsujuaq.
Take Care

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