Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm BACK!!!!

Hello Everyone,
Well, We're safe and sound in Nunavik, in the nation of Quebec the village of Kangiqsujuaq. Where the high speed broadband internet is slower than than you could ever image. Like 56K speed (that being said, I remember upgrading my Moden to the new 2400k and being rocket fast). Anyways, to start, these picture are literally the view from our living room window.
Take Care
PS OK this is brutal, 7 minutes for the first photo, I'm going to have to start resizing the photo's, anyone who wants original quality will have to email me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! We were all suffering from Groom withdrawal. The pix are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The NATION of Quebec?

Curtis Groom said...

Yes, a few weeks ago the government voted and approved a act that declared Quebec a nation "conatined" within Canada. Which will lead to many other nations being declared within our borders. I know the "first nations", the Inuit, as well I'm sure several others are starting to persue the same status.