Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stage 1 Kangiqsujuaq To Kuujjuaq

Hello Everyone,
Well , long story short, We have arrived in Puvirnituq intact and hopefully our stuff will arrive soon. Lets start at the beginning. .Ok, we may have to delay this posting, My laptop has gone kaboom. So I can still do some posts but photo's are gone for now.
We arrived at the airport at 8:20 am as requested by the air inuit agent to check in our stuff. We arrived, the agent was no where to be found. It seems she had forgotten her keys and went back home so 30 minutes later she showed up for work. Not a great start to our journey, however other than leaving 15 minutes late nothing seemed out of place for northern travel. The next stop on the run was Quataq, who's ticket agent also failed to show up for work so we lost another 20 minutes there.
3 more stops and we arrived safe and sound in Kujjuaq. This is the same airport that on the way up seemed to be conspiring against us at every turn. This was not a place we have fond memories of and it seemed to trigger the worst in our darling son, who was unable to occupy 2 minutes in time without breaking one of the rules we had set for him. Our layover here was supposed to be 2 hours and 15 minutes. That's not long... heck its only as long as a movie, right. I'm sure to everyone who passed through that airport in the next 3 and half hours heard the name Christopher too many times to forget. On a side note, when the plane from Montreal arrived I recognized the owner of the blog "Open Head Space". It was a interesting chance encounter and started me to thinking about the vast spaces of the north, and yet the small community it really contains. Now with the new community we will have met 1500 people in the territory most of which we know or will know by first name within the next few months. That in a territory of approx 15,000 people. That means overall we'll be familiar with approx 10% of the population of a area the size of France, and yet you can meet someone in a airport and find commonalities to pleasantly occupy a few minutes in a area of limbo for both of us. I first started thinking about this on the plane down to Kuujuaq where the seat in front of me was occupied by a long time dentist of the north, many people were asking him how's so and so, hows my brother etc. and it seemed every name mentioned was familiar to him. The large territory is defined by its names and sense of community.

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