Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hey, I got on !!!!

We found this piece of equipment just out of town. The question is, what is it, please tell me its not a harvester or combine of some sort. Us city folk are having trouble figuring out what it is, but we would be really concerned if it was a combine of some sort.
Just out of town, it looks like this piece of equipment went to die, Guess what this piece of equipment used to do and you could move onto final Jeopardy where the value of the questions double.
One of the favorite foods available at this time of year, at least goose is the common food, but snow goose is perferred.
Ok, these photo's came in in reverse order. This is the last photo in the series of one of the local hobo's caching a fish he caught. Here, he nose's the soil back over his fish.
Here, she is digging the hole where she will hide the fish. she didin't say exactly why she was interested in hiding the fish.
The choice of the perfect hiding hole for fish is vitally important, apparently,like everything else our frontlawn is the perfered location.
This is a example of some Mini-ATV's we sold, $1,000 dollars and you too can look like a circus clown racing around town

Hello Everyone,
I was able to get online for a couple of hours this afternoon so I just threw up some photo's. Hopefully after we return from a walk I will still be able to get on-line and post some more. We've been off-line for so long I have of pictures of all the recent thawing and some photo's of the land we'd like to share.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

LOL - I wanna be a circus clown! PLEEEASE!?!?!

Okay - I have no guesses on the first one. It is rather large and does resemble a combine to my uneducated eyes. But I want to play Final Jeopardy so I'm going to take a guess on the second picture. I think Melissa once mentioned that you actually have paved roads in this town? So I'm going to guess that the item in question is an asphalt boiler. And the poor thing wore out trying to keep asphalt in a semi-liquid state in the minus something temperatures up there.

Glad to see you back online!!
T :+)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back. I know how frusterating it is to not have the internet. I'm stumped as to what the machine is so I can't play jeopardy. Looking forward to the answer! Tell Melissa we'll have to plan a Tina-Melissa time where we can meet online!

Anonymous said...

curtis it is a rock crusher