Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Musings

Hello everyone,
We are now into June for those of you whom have lost their calenders or minds. Yesterday I had my first BBQ of the year and the temp is a warm +2 degree's, so its off with the jackets and onto the deck. It seems from the phone calls on my birthday that everyone in the south is suffering through extreme temps but the winner is my brother camping in BC who reported a +37, better him than us. The activity in town has become more focused on going to the land than we've previously seen in Quebec, I guess everyone is counting off the last days of their Ski-doo travels before the ice melts away. Once the ice melts away the travelling is considerably slower by ATV than just scooting across the ice. However as I understand it this is a big fishing community so I'm sure they are looking forward to the break-up in some ways. Since we live on the edge of the bay and ice field it holds we have collected 6 ski-doo's that the owners don't want to drag across all the roads back to their homes every day. Its amazing how small things change this time of year, the last couple of days I've been at the airport doing freight at the end of the day and it surprising, there's a dozen guys working feverishly to go home from unloading the plane until you hear geese honk, then everything stops and eye's go to the skies, the guys in the plane stick their heads out, the people in the airport come out onto the deck, everyone want to know whats direction they are heading for the night. I'm sure that in more than a couple of cases what they see also affects if they will be able to make it into work the next day.
We've swapped managers in this location, the previous going off to Salluit and the new one coming in from Fort Chipewayan in Alberta. There has also been overtones that our time in this community may also be limited. But only time will tell with this company, don't bet on anything until your on the plane, but my district manager seemed anxious to get us on a vacation, sooo... who knows.
Since early January we've been speaking with a new friend from Nova Scotia who was thinking of joining the Northern, and as far as I know he and his family (Rob, Tina, Colby and Joey) have arrived in Fort Rae NWT on Friday. So, if they're experience is anything like ours right now they are looking out their front window and realizing they are not in Kansas anymore. Good luck and have fun. We look forward to hearing about your experiences.
Thats it for today,
Take Care


Anonymous said...

You say your district manager is eager to get you on a vacation... Does that imply the timing on vacation may change? I know Melissa was counting on coming down in the cooler fall. Should we be prepping for you earlier?

T :+)

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