Sunday, June 10, 2007

A week in the wind

One week ago photograph of my front yard, June 3rd
June 9th, same shot.
The bay has shown allot of changes in the past week, the light green color is the standing water at the shoreline.

Hello Everyone,
We've had a very windy week, with a couple of days of rain. the difference around town is remarkable. Its now almost time for the spring town clean up, with all the melted snow, seven months of neglect has reared its ugly head and now we all have to pitch in and reverse the state of the town.
We've found out of another big seagull tour coming in for next week. The President of our company and the presidents of several of our suppliers (Proctor Gamble, Imperial tobacco, Dufrense furniture and Frito Lays) are coming in to visit out store, so as usual we have focused on silly little things rather than preparing for the upcoming Sea lift as we normally would have. Which will leave us in a bit of a rush cleaning up and preparing for our July 12th sea lift. Such is life.
Check out this forecast~!!!!!

A mix of sun and cloud. Low 8. High 21.
A mix of sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of showers. Low 11. High 20. Normals for the period..low zero. High 9.
And the Sunrise and sunset times...

June 11, 2007



Actual Time 3:46 AM EDT 10:31 PM EDT
Civil Twilight 2:08 AM EDT 12:11 AM EDT
I hope it actually happens, but I doubt we'll ever see anything like 21, but time will tell.

Take Care
PS. Happy 40th Birthday to my Darling wife.

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Anonymous said...

So did it happen? Did you guys actually hit 21?

Is Lissa still sick? Pass along a get well hug for me (assuming you don't mind getting that close to the sickie)? Thanks!

T :+)