Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BBQ while the sun shines.

Once again, the view from our front window with summer in full swing.
For some reason my son doesn't want to learn to ride a bike, the height of his enthusiasm is to push his bike around town. The other day he stopped a girl riding her bike and told her she was doing it wrong, at which point he showed her how to effectively push her bike.
Only thing better than pushing your bike is to pose in front of a truck with your bike. This is the company truck that we use for cargo. Christopher is over 4 feet tall, so judge for yourself what type of truck you need to have all season access.
Ready for some real off road pushing?
Those training wheels have a habit of biting you in the butt when your not looking, as Christopher and the bike both take a off road adventure.

Hello Everyone,
Nothing much happening around town that I've seen. So far we've had a really bad summer, rain and fog almost everyday. Today we reached double digits for the first time in quite awhile so we had a BBQ.
Take Care

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Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Hey Man! I remember when Colby would push his bike up the hill and roll down, it took forever for him to pedal the bike on his own. Once he realized the harder ans faster he peddled, the faster he went, that was it, we couldn't get him off the bike.