Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter

Hello Everyone,
Well, It seems the web is awash with Harry Potter and I have joined the fray. I received the book a couple of days ago and while it seems to be a interesting read I wonder at what point the focus of the book changed from her young readers, to the darker incarnation her writing now takes. I remember the first book with rewards being given for performing well in school with stories of games and interesting characters, this latest effort can be regarded as a bloodbath. I realize that her audience has aged with the characters of her books but the new books fail to realize that children will read the books at a different rate than they have been released through their first printing, thus the 8 year olds who start reading her books now can be exposed to the last books at a much earlier age than the first generation did. JKR also seems to have taken a fancy to herself being a writer than a storyteller. Her latest effort seems to have implemented many writing techniques that seem to detract from the telling of the story (it actually seemed to remind me of Morality plays of the 18th century), while her characters are lost and uncertain her writing is unfocused and wandering, while her story is impassioned the writing is brief and direct. While this may not seem to be a bad thing I wonder what would have changed if the focus remained on the story rather than the technique. I wonder if ultimately the cause of these changes was the fact that adult readers seem to outnumber the number of child readers she now holds in her spell. Its a shame because it was the spell that caused children to fall in love with the characters of her first book that introduced adults to the phenomena.
It's a good read, but I'm glad the series is over before the remaining characters have lost their remaining innocence and likability.
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