Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our front Yard... again.

When I went out for smoke this evening I saw what appeared to be a log with branches floating in the bay, then I realized, without tree's its difficult to have floating logs. Luckily (as usual) I had my camera and Telephoto lens with me and I saw the log was a caribou about half a mile out swimming towards my front lawn.
I was the only one who had seen him for about the first ten minutes so I was able to get down to the beach and make some noise to divert him from his path. If he came out of the water where he planned to he wouldn't have made it 3 steps before being invited to dinner by one of the local men.
However, by this time about 20 people had gathered to watch this buck make the most dangerous journey of his life. I still held up hope though as so far I'd seen people but no rifles. Caribou aren't plentiful in this area and his little attempt at socialization was most likely still going to cost him his life. Its strange, If I'd been out hunting I would have shot this buck myself however when he comes to your door you kinda want to treat him as a guest.
After his redirection he came to ground just across the river in a area where the town usually held picnic's and other events. I couldn't see anyone over there and I took that to be a bad sign, It looked like the hunters where already hunkered down awaiting his arrival.
With amazing luck, it seems this particular Buck made it safely to ground and quickly sprinted away, and since I didn't hear any shots for the next 5 minutes, we're going to presume he made it.
These 2 children are showing me thier best "tuutut" impressions.
Hello everyone,
Some people pay thousands of dollars to travel to the far north to see what I get to when I walk out my door. Tonight after this little adventure I watched two eco-tourists walking along the road in front of our house, the strange thing was, they had their camera's, their north peak windbreakers and hiking boots, eye's focused out to the bay... but they still walked like they were in the city. That hurried walk as if you have to get somewhere where someone impatiently waits for you, you can take the man out of the city, but not the city out of the man.
Take Care


Curtis Groom said...

A repost of comment sent in error

"Wow, another amazing story as ususal. Keep it coming.

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Thanks Tracey

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the caribou!! And (sigh) to Curth, for redirecting the buck away from certain death.


Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis, you have wonderful talents in writting and photography, Beautiful website....
I used to live in PUV and worked at Sarliatauvik childcare. Say hi to childcare team for me . tell them from a women who now lives in Panama Central America.

Curtis Groom said...

Femmy, Will Do!!
Sounds like you traded a northern adventure for a southern one. thanks for the comments.
Take Care