Sunday, July 22, 2007

Moon rise on Thursday.
The final load of our ship.
Hello Everyone,
Recovery from the sealift is finally over, back seems to be fine and the ship has finally left town. Something appeared to have wrong with our ship as it was in town for 5 days, usually they are in and out ASAP but this ship seemed to be lingering. Also rather than loading over the railing like most ships I've seen, it loaded out the back door leading to allot of extra work for the crew. She also appeared to be listing a little bit to port ( yeah, love that naval speak).

People ask me what I miss about the south and today I got a reminder of one of the things I miss, Thunder Storms. we had a small thunder storm today and I realized that was the first time in the last 2 years I had heard the "delicate sound of thunder" and I miss it.
Things are moving ahead and Melissa and I expect to hear about the next stage of our journey in the middle of August, So we'll probably be returning to a different place than we're leaving during vacation.
Take Care'


Anonymous said...

What trick do you use to remember port from starboard? I still think back to childhood - port has 4 letters and left has 4 letters. Therefore port is the left side... scary what chooses to tattoo itself on your memory.

You were just teasing me with details before MSN kicked me off last night... so you'll be hearing news soon? Will you be back to having your own store do you think? Crossing my fingers for you!

T :+)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I remember, you love the rain.