Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jamboree Day 3

Here, Charlene explains the rules of engagement in tea making, no stoves here ladies and gentlemen, just ice, wood and matches.

Ladies, gather your weapons.

Ksenya stoking the flames.

Martina Norbert tending her fire.

Alestine Andre is working on her tea.

Mariah serves up her steaming hot tea.

Noel Andre enjoying the fruits of others labour.

Hello everyone,
Today was the last day of Jamboree, events to start at twelve, Melissa and Christopher wandered down around 1:30 to capture the afternoons activities. even by northern standards this should have worked out, but as it was they were still about a hour early before anyone actually started to do anything. Although the turnout was good, participation seemed to be a problem as it was difficult to get people to actually pony up and play some games. In order to fill the minimum requirements Melissa actually sponsored Kaysena to this event. Luckily, our athlete came in a solid second. Good job Ladies.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Melissa didn't try her hand at the tea contest?

Curtis Groom said...

No, she was reeling in the little man, who wanted to help everyone.