Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jamboree is almost here.

This is for all the people who told me when I was twenty I'd be bald by 30, and for all the people who said I would be bald by forty when I was thirty. Well, I'll be forty in a month or two and I still see some hair there, maybe I'll shave my head.

Hello Everyone,
This weekend will mark the town spring Jamboree and the weather seems to be playing along so far, Its been a lovely week with warm weather all around. The Jamboree will feature events such as the opening feast ski-doo races, a shooting competition, dog races etc. However on a sad note the festivities will no go off as planned as there will have to break on Saturday for the funeral of a 16 year old girl who died of exposure in Inuvik recently, she had many family in our area and her funeral will be held in Fort MacPherson. I'm sure the community will struggle to enjoy the spring events on such a sad day.
Hopefully, I will have a opportunity to peek my head out of the store during these event as well and maybe even partake.
Take Care

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