Saturday, April 05, 2008

Racing Day #2

The winner with the flag.

Second and third rounding the final corner, You'll notice the sleds in first and second are identical, however the telling of the tale was in the experience of the drivers. If I was to post all 120 picture from this event you see that without exception the more aggressive the exit to the corner the higher the finishing position, but as with anything the higher the aggression, the higher the danger and the higher the reward.

On the straightaway between the corners I was monitoring the gentleman in first rarely ever had his ski's on the ground, conversely the gentlemen in last never lifted his through aggressive use of the throttle.

Hello everyone,
Today's events were, as expected, subdued due to the funeral during the middle of the day. The only event I was able to make it to was the 550 fan cooled class 8 lap race pictured above. It was fun but hours behind schedule and just didn't seem to have the same energy as yesterdays race.
Take Care,

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