Friday, April 04, 2008

Snowmobile Racing

And the defining moment of the race.

Hello Everyone,
Today was the first day of the Jamboree, these are images from the relay race where three drivers each run three laps, first through the finish line wins. The excitement continued right through to the last lap when a quarter of a mile from the finish line the leader gunned it off the corner and lost his grip and off his sled went without him, while he was chasing it to catch up second place took and kept the lead all the way to the finish line. The town is flush with out of towners and the store is packed with the same. Right now everyone is gathered at the arena for the feast and a talent show, however with everything that has happened this week, I'm just going to call it a day and retire quietly to my humble abode.
Take Care

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Martin said...

Inspiring. I deal with UTV Shocks in utah. Rarely i used to ride snowmobile vehicles, but this post motivates me to use racing vehicles frequently.