Saturday, October 22, 2005

More Ice Time

A couple of pics from this afternoon with the locals. The sled is a Kamik, the stick is to break the ice, the dog was for pulling the kamik and the honda's for fun (this guy didn't trust the Honda to the ice yet)


Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - Just viewed the ice fishermen and it sent shivers up my spine. I know we will eventually get winter here, but hope it holds off for a at least the next five months or so - LOL. I visited the website of Baker Lake to get a sense of the area. It said the population was 1500, but now that you guys are there, it must be 1503. I couldn't begin to pronouce the names, but I am sure you will be quite proficient after you are there for awhile.
It was interesting to see that that you have KFC, Pizza Hut etc. Those companies go to great lengths for sales, wouldn't you say? Prices for food must be quite high after being flown in, or is any of it delivered in another manner?
They had some pictures of the Northern Lights on the website and having seen them while in Winnipeg a few years ago, your view must be spectacular. I am continuing to enjoy "the adventure" and in the process, am learning more about our northern neighbors and their way of life.
Take care -- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

I can't really tell... you say an afternoon with the locals... is that Christopher out there on the ice by any chance? I know I'm absolutely nuts but I'm envying you guys a bit - all that winter to enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Pictures came in great Curtis. What is the Dog name? How old? Do they wear special foot wear? Where are the dogs housed?