Sunday, November 06, 2005

A couple of quick thoughts

Just a couple of things I've been wanting to mention. Anyone who supports PETA or animal rights in that manner should be forced to come up here in January. I know my Parka from down south is starting to crack around -20, Everyone lines thier hoods and wears gloves made of fur, why? You don't see alot of animals frozen to death in the wild, but if your out there for 24 hours thats how they'll find you. Protesting fur is a luxury of the south. Second, Fashion is for Ski hills, up here is doesn't matter to anyone what you look like- the important question is are you warm? Ok I just wanted to say that, have fun everyone.
Any yes, the lining for Christophers coat is white fox, and when the winds blowing its warm.


Anonymous said...

I think it goes a little further than just being a "southern luxury". I'm more against the southern attitude behind it. I would like to think that whoever caught the animal up there put the whole thing to use - for food as well as skin? Necessity, using everything nature provides... it's a whole different lifestyle and attitude. Down here I'm not sure anyone could (or would) tell you what happens to the rest of the animal... dog food? Besides - I'd much rather have you all arrive back south someday - alive and with all your fingers, toes, ears and nose intact!!!!

Anonymous said...

Always felt there was some wisdom in,"when in Rome, do as the Romans do". Who would know better how to stay warm than those that need to. Stick with the fur or whatever it takes.
As for the other pics, those are darn big birds. They could carry away some of our squirrels and actually I welcome them to do
Take care,

Anonymous said...

i think you're right. we wear fur down here for fashion, not because it's too cold. there are nice fake furs of that look is so important to people

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get back to sleep, so took a look to see your latest postings.

For sure, fur is the most logical choice for warmth in that climate. Are the clothes with fur mad there or are they made somewhere else?

I have been really enjoying your pictures, but don't really care for those big birds. They look like they could carry away a small child!!

Just curious, but can you play the lottery games there - 649, super 7 etc?

What do the majority of the people work at or for? Do they speak mostly english or some other language?

Again, thanks for helping us "live" the experience along with you -- keep warm -- Rosalie