Saturday, November 26, 2005

Life outside the Box

Hello Everyone,
Well we've had a very cool week. Most of the week we were under a blizzard warning. We didn't recieve much snow but the temp was low and the wind was high . Normally we have 4 flights minimum a day bringing people in and out of B.L. plus a couple of our cargo planes plus a couple with hunters or researchers in a avaerage week. That means we should have about 32 flights in a week, this week we're at 4 due to the weather. The shelves at the store are getting pretty bare, at least the perishables are. Ah well, thats life in the north. Other than the wind and temp it hasn't been bad, its not even the temp thats bad, its the way the wind cuts straight through your clothes to your skin. On Tuesday I think it was only about -26 or so, but in the 3 minute walk to the store I felt my cheecks starting to go numb. This lead to discussions in the office of various people's experiences with frozen body parts, lots of stories. And the one wives tale thats proven true about being here is that the second time to freeze something takes about half the time.
Sunday we're having a Grey Cup party at the 4 plex in the old apartment, that way we can just hire a maid when its over and no one has to worry about clean up. We'll have to call it something like a "female awareness seminar" in order to exclude the fairer sex from this highly informative and educational get together.

Still no pictures, sorry.

Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Hi: Very interesting. I did not anything about the "frozen north" until I started reading the information on your site. Keep it uo, and especially pictures of all you guys. Love Mum