Monday, January 23, 2006

More Photo

Just a couple more photo's from today
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Has Christopher traded in his Tide bottle for a Cool Whip container?


Anonymous said...

Well I see that Christopher does take after his dad for hair styles.HAHAHAHA Well as you probaly heard the conservatives have won with a minority government. let';s see where this gets us.

Anonymous said...

I think you may be right about heredity part Curtis, as I would imagine that the humidity level there is quite low.

I encountered some difficulty a few days ago trying to leave a comment and got the message that the site was down for repairs. I wonder sometimes who does the repairs?

Have you heard that Bush and his buddies have been monitoring emails and a lot of electronic messaging to "keep everyone safe"? Not sure if it included all of North America, but wouldn't they be bored to death reading our 'back and forth' in this form?

I am with Donna and will take a wait and see attitude with the Conservatives. You noticed that they dropped the word "progressive" from their name, so that could be an indicator right there.

Hope all is well -- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard from you is your sight down? Well there are changes going on in the store. Receiving has changed as far as the way the trucks get unloaded.There is nothing allowed down the halls anymore. Sean is not the D.M. anymore for us we have Steve BuDoir again. Rich has lots of plans for our store. We carry bread and some groceries now like soups and frits in the cans and the customers seem to really like this new item of stuff coming in. well hope to hear from you soon hope all is well and everyone is all better. Donna