Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Musings

Hello Everyone,
Well, Its started to cool down in the last couple of days, We've been hovering in the -30's in the daytime and -40's in the nighttime, With windchill thats left us in some cold temps (-50's). I had too break out the gloves again just to get to work. I put them away for around the last month while we've been enjoying temps that only peak in the low -30's, Oh well it'll get worse before it gets better.
My training has taken me to the butchershop for the last couple of weeks and its been fun although I'm starting to seriously question the lenght of the training program. All area's of the store have very minor variations of the same principals, making spending time in each one a little tedious at times. I've communicated this to Home Office in hopes of speeding things along a little bit, hopefully I can get to the next location a bt earlier.
The days are starting to get longer, but one thing about short days that I've learned to appreaciate it that every day we can watch sunrise as well as sunset without getting up early. Once again Melissa and Christopher have colds, lots of complaining, and Christopher's energy level increases when he's got a cold so thats a additional challenge. Thats all for now,
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Too bad your work day is not measured by sunrise & sunset instead of by the clock.
At least in the wintertime.

Hope the colds go away quickly.
take care
Ay & By

Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - "I love what you have done with the place" LOL. I like the new look and especially love to see pictures.

I was talking to Donna today at work and she had said that she leaves comments, but to date I told her that I had not seen any of them, yet she had seen mine. I told her she has to publish them, so will wait and see if they appear.

Unfortunately, my printer has gone on the blink and I regretfully going to have it replaced. I often print out your columns for those at work, w/o access to the internet, so that they can keep up with your adventures. I get lots of comments and when I remember them, I will share them with you.

I hope Melisss and Christopher get over their colds quickly. It seems almost surprising that the virus could survive in such cold places.

Will check back again - take care

Curtis Groom said...

I'd just like to say in my own defense-I may have a cold, but I'm NOT complaining! Heck I'm getting fairly used to them by now. Just wanted to set the record straight.

melissa- the wife