Thursday, January 19, 2006

Weather Accuracy

Hello Everyone,
Well We're in the middle of another blizzard, however I'd like to talk about weather prediction. According to the weather line (1-866-558-5551) this storm arrived on time and within expectations. However Last night I thought I see how bad it would be so I started surfing for answers. According to the weather Network, we were going to recieve clear skies, no wind, and moderate temps for the next 5 days. According to Accuweather we might recieve some flurries on Friday with moderate winds and temps. It is now -35 With 40kph winds gusting to 60 kph with a wind chill of -56, Its been snowing for 12 hours. All these weather guys who are professionals should get together so they at least are all wrong or all right, You never know what is going to happen when you have so many different views of whats on its way. Anyways, thats my 2 cents and We'll let you know how tommorrow is, Thats when its supposed to get really nasty.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - I feel for you - we are currently having quite balmy weather (knock on wood). As I look out the window, the thermometer is sitting at about +12, with sunshine and a few clouds and some gusty winds. Not bad for January eh?

I simply cannot imagine a wind chill of -56. It sends a chill up my spine just thinking about it. Recently, I watched a program on mountain climbing that was being monitored by doctors and scientists studying the effects of cold weather on the human body. Each climber swallowed a "pill" to monitor their core body temperatures as they made their ascent. When your core temperature drops, your heart stops sending precious blood to the extremities in order to protect the heart, lungs and brain. thereby, putting the extremities at risk of freezing, and quite quickly. In order to avoid this, the climbers took shelter to reverse this and within a matter of minutes, their core temperatures went up.

I hope you are taking all precautions during such cold weather and that the next time we see you, we won't be greeted by someone without all his fingers and toes.

The election is heating up again with only a matter of hours before the vote on Monday. Polls are all over the map, here in Southern Ontario and depending on who you listen to, it's anyone's guess who will be getting the most seats.

Just one curious note - do you sell much ice cream at your store? How about wild game? Are you allowed to sell it?

That's about it for now - keep warm -- later--------- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing. According to the Weather Network you never get bad weather.
I have found the Environment Canada's site to be one of the better weather predictions.
CBC North site gives some pretty accurate weather as well, when it is bad as least.
I have a co-worker who can read those satellite photos and he is probably as reliable as any of those other weather guys.
Well hang tight and stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Well you can have that nasty cold weather. How do you stand that cold. What do you do when it is that cold out?Are you allowed outside?How many frozen bodies do they find when it does warm. the body certainly couldn'tsurvive outside could it? As Rosalie said it is not too bad here. It is colder today then it has been.How is the family doing? I haven't heard from you in a while do you still remember me? hahahaha.
Well I will let you go I have to be at work by 6 to do inventory counts in the pharmacy. talk to you soon I hope

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, and it's a balmy 60F down here in the south y'all. tee hee. Stay warm!