Saturday, March 11, 2006

Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul

Well, I've spent the last seven months telling anyone who'll read this what its like up here. Last night laying in bed I realized some things I have completely failed to mention, I think upon refection that I've been missing the whole point.
In the last seven months I haven't:
been in a traffic jam,
had to wait at 1 red light,
cursed oil companies as I have to fill up,
heard a siren that meant anything other than curfew has started,
had to pay a bill,
had to stand in a line over 5 minutes,
had to deal with a bank cashier,
had to worry about locking my door,
had to worry about that new sound in the car.
I'm sure there are dozens of other things I could list here but its not nessassary, I think you get the point.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

We haven't been too concerned about being mauled by a Polar bear or eaten by wolves and freezing to death has not been uppermost in our fears.
So lifestyles have tradeoffs.
The benefits you mention are real though, and we are happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Those are true things for you and vice versa for us but I wouldn't trade with you. I like things the way they are and I guess I will just keep complaining.Just a question is there anything that you miss here?

Anonymous said...

One big thing you didn't mention... any Call Marketers reaching your number up there? Or has there been peace in that arena too?

T :+)