Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sunshine... and its effects

Hello Everyone,
Snowblindness is a phrase I had heard down south but didn't really understand. Up here its becoming a daily concern. Think of bright sunlight glaring off a window or mirror. That is what every suface up here is covered with, When you leave the house in the morning all you see is white, no trees, roads etc to break up the reflective surface. It also effectively removes your depth perception. I tried to take a photo of bright light across the lake, however the camera apature had trouble closing enough for the photo. I took a photo much later in the day to show you all the contrast that mother nature allows us. I have to take off my glasses and walk home wearing sunglasses, the polarization in my glasses isn't enough. I just wonder how bad it'll get as we are currently getting about 12 hours of sunlight a day and gaining about 13 minutes a day. By June 21 the sun will not set. I'm not looking forward to it. The light is so bright I gets in everywhere, You can't seal your curtains enough to stop it, we're going to be appling tin foil to our windows soon to stop the light. Here are a couple of photo's, Its the amount of reflection that allows the sunset you see, a thousand miles of white all around makes a exellent reflector.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

those are really nice photos you got.It certainly would drive me crazy with all that daylight. Could you imagine the wrinkles from all the squinting. LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay, silly me. I thought that the effect of the sunshine was that Christopher could go outside and play and therefore he was happy. And voila! the picture of him with a big cheesy grin on his face. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - Just viewed your photos of the amazing sunset. What a spectacular show mother nature bestows on us, eh?

I too, like Donna would be bothered by that much bright light, especially with the effects of the white snow all around.

I had never heard of people putting foil over their windows in order to sleep, but can see the benefits. Maybe you could construct some black shades that could be velcroed on - if you were a handy person.

I loved your list of things that you haven't had to deal with over the last seven months. You may not know how to act when you come back to the southern climes - LOL.

Hope everyone is well and I will continue to check in on your blog.

Take care -- Rosalie