Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reflections of Spring

I got these photo's Wednesday night as we had a storm coming in. They were taken at Midnight and thats a pretty cool moonrise.

With shades of Iwo Jima the town has started cleaning up after a long winter. Across the Bay on a small island there is some sort of memorial or cairn tat had a large piece of wood marking the center of the memorial. This log was blown over and in this photo some local men are setting it right again.

Cold feet anyone, The Ravens have left town and the seagulls have returned.
Just before the thaw, most of the dogs in town were taken to the land for the summer, This team was one of the last I saw leave. They will live on the land for the summer when they aren't needed and will be brought back to town after freeze up in the winter.
The nets ave started to appear in the bay as local people are anxious for the sea's bounty

Hello Everyone,
Spring as sprung and summer seems to ave reared its ugly little head in these parts. The town has finished cleanup, the boats are all readied and heading to the water this week to all outward appearances and it seems everyone is spending their time out in the camps. Soon the daycare will be shutting down for the summer and Christopher and Mom will get to spend some time together before the beginning of Christopher first school year. Time flies when your having fun.
We ave finally confirmed vacation (again), this time there will be no changes, I've made it clear that this is final and plans are made. So, We'll be coming south in the second week of September
Hopefully everyone in the south is keeping cool, and life remains enjoyable.
Take Care

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Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Yeah for confirming vacation! Hope this one works!