Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 Roundup

Hello Everyone,
Its that time of year when we waste a lot of time reviewing the past year and informing everyone else of the useless things they don't want to hear cause they are thinking about their own problems, but here we go anyways.
Our Year started off pretty rough in Kangisujuaq, with problems of abuse for Christopher at his daycare, short staffed with everyone in our family enduring prolonged illness's, this was probably one of the worst times we've encountered as a family since we came north. No matter how hard we tried to resolve any given issue the situation seemed to compound itself and aggravate the situation to a new level. We reached the point where we just had to give up on our new community and move on to a situation that would allow us to control our own happiness to a higher degree, so we told the company to get us out and as soon as it could be arranged we moved on to yet another temporary solution. Kangisujuaq was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been but oddly enough I've met several other people who have had similar frustrations with the actual living within this community in ways that haven't come up for us in other northern communities. We also met some incredible people in this community that I would hope I could call friends throughout the future.
Our next home was the village of Puvirnituq also in Quebec on the Hudson's Bay coast of Nunavik. Since this was a temporary location we endured a few hardships with this location, but overall it was a wonderful break from the trials of the previous 4 months. The community had a pretty bad reputation due to its past but we enjoyed almost everything about the town, from the work environment to the people we had the joy of meeting while joining this community. Christopher slowly came back out of his shell and regained some of the skills he's lost since the incident in Kangisujuaq. He met some new friends and encountered the death of a child friend of his as well, and he still misses and talks about Asai. We also faced the death of our beloved "puppy" Juneau, whom we still miss dearly. These event were challenging for us but through everything I believe we all enjoyed this leg of our adventure. Finally, in August when the dream was coming to a end we were forced to apply a challenge to the company to move us to a location where we could settle down or we would be forced to return to the south in order to gain a little stability as a family. And we also got to go on a long awaited vacation, upon the return of which we would be moving to our newest home.
On October first we started our journey 5000 km westward towards our new home Tsiigehtchic Northwest territories. Since we arrived here, we have made more friends who we hope will be with us for a few more years to come. The community is the smallest we've ever lived in but its nice to know every one's name, and to feel the sense of community this brings. The store is a challenge, the company just adopted this store in the spring in order to continue to bring services to the community after the old store was closed for financial reasons. The store is tiny and the challenges are greater than anywhere else we've been due to 2 simple reasons, there is no airport and for 3 months of the year you cannot get any product into the store. So this has actually increased the enjoyment of the store but it makes the store a little harder to get a handle on than others for me as the ordering and procedure's for these times are greatly different and we are just flowing out of one into the other so now I have to change the way I've been doing things since I got here. But change is the spice of life. Christopher is in school and seems to be enjoying his new role and well as his recent discovery of video games. Melissa has started working in the store as well for a few hours a week and this is a nice change for me as I can get a few hours during the week without the phone ringing off the hook.
Overall, 2007 came out to be a pretty interesting and fun year, but as always tragedies can mar some memories until time heals the wounds. I hope everyone has peace and prosperity in the new year.
Take Care

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