Sunday, January 20, 2008

Delta Dawn.

Dawn Over Tsiigehtchic. At 12:30 pm.

The signs as you approach the ice road across the Mackenzie.

Christopher's School.

Local tourism hats and such tout Tsiigehtchic as Little Hollywood, I hope its because of the sign.

The view from the Inuvik side across the Mackenzie.

One wrong turn coming down the hill from Inuvik and your sleeping with the birdies.

Dawn over the delta, You can see a trailer in the left hand side of the picture.

Hello Everyone,
Today I rose bright and early to make the sunrise at 12:30, and ventured across town and across the rivers to capture the images above. Seems late to you down south but I assure you according to traffic on the streets I was the only person above 12 years old out at this time. I had kids chasing me all over town wanted to race, reluctantly I had to say no, they had too much of a weight advantage. Today was a glorious day to get out, we actually reached ZERO briefly until a wind blew into town with a vengeance.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Had to think for a moment and remember that the trees are actually out of the norm for you folks up there.
The trees sure make it seem a more familiar landscape.
Have they "ruined the view" for you?
Very pretty area..thanks for sharing.