Friday, January 18, 2008

If the grounds a rockin'

Hello Everyone,
Today's news is not the weather, Its well the ground itself, seems it doesn't like something in out neighborhood and is trying to shake us off.
Earthquake Information
Thursday January 17, 2008
Local Time: 12:46:42 MST
Magnitude: 5.8 ML
Latitude: 68.14 North
Longitude: 136.60 West
UT Date
and Time: 2008-01-17
This report is summery of three local seismograph stations, Seems strange the Epicenter was actually about 20 miles from here and I for one never felt a thing. Oh, well. Looks like I survived my first earthquake, but the quake wasn't without repercussions on my life. I was supposed to go hunting for moose this weekend, as the weather is supposed to go up to -1 by Sunday. Now, however this earthquake will have made the ice in places unstable and unpredictable. Much of our travels are across frozen lakes and rivers so now our journey is up in the air until we hear how the lakes fared the "big quake of 08", since the temp is so high the ice will have difficulty mending until it gets cold again.
Take Care

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