Monday, January 14, 2008

Just one more thing.

Hello Everyone,
Well, the saga continue today of the now infamous ski-doo repair (I know I haven't mentioned it before however if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing). Well, after three attempts at the same repair yesterdays actually took and everything was coming up roses....Until. Today was cold, -39 to be exact, and as I was trying to pull start the sled (without checking the temp, cause trying to pull start in -39 just ain't gonna work, stupid) when I accidentally touched the ignition cable which instantly snapped. I believe at that moment I muttered to myself something about how happy I was to have bought a ski-doo and how this act had enhanced my quality of life greatly. Back inside to try and find parts... Ok the place in Inuvik is out of business, Fort McPherson out of business etc... Closest part dealer Whitehorse Yukon, Ok I can do Whithorse. Part estimate $400.00 and its not in stock, give us a month. Ok, I can come up with another idea, and that idea was, well, I bought another ski-doo identical to the first one, Now I have my own parts supply.
Lets go pick up my new ski-doo. Now I'd refer you to the first paragraph where I discussed starting a snow machine in -39 degree's, I'd ask you to refer back to it because I didn't. 45 minutes later, still pulling the damn cord, a friend has joined the battle with the sled and Albert has used ALL the local tricks, the hair dryer in the carburetor and all, and he gets it started briefly. And we fail to get it restarted it's time for plan B (actually sub plan B of primary plan B), we'll tow it to the fire hall and let it heat up in the garage there. So we hook up my new ski-doo to his and try to pull it to the garage, Now this seemed like a good idea, however did I mention it was -39 degree's out, that means that even when a ski-doo is running it takes it a few hours to actually warm up enough to tow another ski-doo of equal size. So this attempt involved Albert riding his Ski-doo at a very strained 8 MPH while I try to push mine to a speed where we'll have enough momentum to keep going. It didn't work by the time we got to Martina's house (1/2 mile and the location of my first heart attack) we didn't have enough momentum when we climbed the hill to my house (3/4 mile and the location of my second heart attack) but we did have enough momentum when we finally reached the fire hall (1 mile and I celebrated with a quick stroke followed by 15 minutes of wheezing and wishing I could buy a third ski-doo to finish myself off). My new ski-doo is currently resting comfortably in the fire hall and I hope that the future is brighter than today.
Take Care
PS the pict's are Christopher trying on Daddies new helmet.

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