Sunday, July 16, 2006

Life way up here.

Hello Everyone,
This morning around five am apparently almost everyone in town was on the water, It seems a pod of Narwhale had entered the Bay and it was time to harvest. The first photo is one of my associates who has a stip of Narwhale they are preparing to strip the skin from the fat. The fat is a northern delicacy, known as Muctuq.The second and fourth Photo are of a local boy who for some reason is dragging a piece of whale around his yard with a piece of rope. I don't know why he is doing it but I just got back in and he's still doing it three hours later. The husky attacking the piece of meat is his new dog. We're still getting 24 hours of daylight although not for very much longer the nights are not as bright anymore. Todays high was about 9 but the wind made it feel much colder, during the rain this morning you could see intermitant snow. Seals frequently can be seen swimming in the bay in front of our house. The Land is very beautiful with grasses and flowers growing in the crags of every rock formation. The locals have less opportunity for emplyment as repulse has very few government positions compared to Baker, they also don't have much of a tourism trade as the last 2 years they've forgotten to advertise thier region in the media.
Things continue to be busy at work and I feel I'm fighting a uphill battle to get everything I need to get done completed in the time frames I must. However, I still don't think I've ever been happier professionally or personally.
Take Care

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