Monday, July 17, 2006

Playing by the rules

Hello everyone,
We'll I just got in from watching a Whale hunt. The whale population must be in pretty good shape, as whale hunting is, well very challenging. You can use 2 weapons to catch whales a harpoon and a rifle. The trick is you must hapoon and tag the whale before you can use your gun. This hunt got one whale, with about 20 boats out hunting. This happened about 200 yards in front of our house. The red buoy is attached to the whale by the harpoon and then the guys in the boat can shoot till they get the whale. Its very hectic and very dangerous, these boats are racing around at random in all directions triing to get that first hit. Anyways here are some photo's, none of actual whales as they tend to stay under water where its safe with all these boats racing around, someone might get hurt.
Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Sounds intresting to be watching a whale hunt from your home, are you willing to try some of the muqtuk if offered?
Each of these communities have something new and unique to experience!
Glad to see that you are happy in your new posting