Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where the Whales Are.

Hello Everyone,
tonight one of my associates took me to Najkakashjut (where the whales are). This was a inland fjord. The whales come in here to shelter from strong sea's. This is also where the locals go to hunt and harvest whales. In order to harvest a whale you need a tag. To get a tag you must have your name pulled in a lottery, this year the hamlet will produce 35 tags. The average whale will feed 30 to 50 people for about a week. Many people come from other towns to redeem there tags here is Repulse. Those were the people in the photo's from the other day, the locals perfer to hunt in Najkakashjut. anyways here are a couple of photo's of a very beautiful place.

Take Care,

PS. I think tonight there is a good chance of something happening that we haven't seen in about three months... the sun looks like it is going to set. Yeah, things are getting back to normal, god is in his heaven and all is right...

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Anonymous said...

WOW. I just had a chance to see everything you have been doing. You truly are having the adventure. This is so great for Christopher to be exposed to the different cultures. I hope that things continue to be good to you and your family.
Just a little note: Ray is now the assistant manager at Woodstock,no one is saying why.Rich is leaving so we will be getting another store manager.That's Wal-Mart for you.