Friday, July 28, 2006

One Month North of the Circle

Hello Everyone,
Well, we're approaching a year in the North and1 month north of the circle. I knew some mentally challenged government employee who asked herself and then speculated on how much she had grown during her time in the north, So let me indulge in the same "dae nu mont". I haven't, I'm still the same jerk I was in the south. However, I've learned a few things.
It apprears all the luxuries of restaurants, theaters, culture, sporting events, etc are luxuries. It doesn't change your life much to move on without them. That being said, I can't comprehend winter in the north without TV and internet, however now I'm not as convinced it would be the end of the world. These things are comforts and reassuring, but their absence is no great loss. In fact I think people raised without them seem more straighforward and outgoing as a community. They also act as more of a community.
2. There are "Bad" people everywhere you go, enviroment doesn't make them, they come with any group. In smaller communities its easier to identify and react to thier presence, where down south the anontimity of the community hides them. In some of the pictures of Repulse you can see a shack across the bay. The person who lives there is considered a bad person by some in the town. Rather than face the comminity he lives on his own across the bay without electricity, water etc. rather than face the town.

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