Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Enduring the cold for Cancer

Hello everyone,
A couple of days ago a few dedicated individuals passed through town on a adventure of their own. They left Kujjuaq a week ago on a journey to raise funds for cancer research. One of the commitments they made before leaving was shaving their heads (a decision that they may be regretting now they are on the open land in the cold). They are traveling up the Ungava coast and back down to James Bay where they are going to continue their journey to Quebec city. This is one hell of a trip. I only was able to get photo's of their machines as they we're probably inside sleeping the sleep of the very cold and tired. The other image is of a cloud I saw at sunset, for about 30 seconds it was illuminated in a very strange way I wanted to capture.
Take Care

PS. I'm sure that rifle on the back of the Ski-Doo is simply for aesthetic purposes.

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