Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well, who knew?

Hello Everyone,

Well today was a interesting day. Around 5:00 while going to pick up Christopher from daycare Melissa got the truck stuck in a snowbank. So I trudged out to try and get the truck freed and eventually needed the front end loader to pull us out. Then off to the daycare for Christopher, The daycare is located beside the school and near the arena as well as the new gym. At 6:50pm we got a call at the store saying that there was a Polar Bear up at the Arena. I hoped in the truck to find out whether this was just talk or what was happening. That's when I met my first Kangiqsujuaq traffic jam. There were about 50 vehicles of all sorts gathered along the road scanning the cliff side with spotlights. After a couple of minutes everyone seemed to know something and headed up the road towards the airport, so I followed. everyone drove onto the runway and so did I. I caught a glimpse of a bear crossing over a snowdrift about 50 yards away. We sat there for a couple of minutes then all at once, about twenty people ran over the drifts and all the vehicles started moving towards the main runway and that's where we found the result of the 20 men over to drift. A mother and 2 cubs were destroyed. There seems to be two schools of thought running through town right now, pretty evenly split actually. Some people I have spoken to think they should have been allowed to continue on their merry way as long as they where headed out of town. I tend to agree with the other side of the coin. Bears shouldn't be near town at this time of the year, and the idea that a mother and cubs where so close to the center all all the kids activities creeps me out and I agree with their destruction.
I have photo's of the harvesting of the bears but unless requested I'll leave them off the blog.
Here are photo's of the bears before harvesting.
Take Care

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