Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Last Ten Yards

Hello Everyone,
Well, the storms built up a full head of steam... or snow. Visibility has dropped to about 20 feet and driving about 10km is too fast. I finished work and had the truck all warmed up for the 14 second drive home. I knew this was bad day to drive home but whenever possible the truck has to come home so we can plug it in and also ensure no one messes with it, and hey its only 50 feet right? You see where I'm going with this right.... start up- check, drive around the store so you don't reverse into something- check, find the road and drive on it-check, turn into your driveway... damn, not quite. After 15 minutes of rocking the truck and watching our house mock me from its ever so secure and warm surroundings, I gave up and decided to get the truck out in the morning.
Then looking out the window at the truck, mocking me this time with its evil grinning grill in a Stephen Kingish manner, I make the hard decision that if I leave the truck where it is someones is going to kill themselves driving their snow machine. So it begins, for the first time this year I start digging out the winter wear, the pants, the down vest, the furry hat, the goggles, the face shield, the balaclava, the gloves, the gloves for under the gloves, the big boots and I'm ready to kick that trucks butt right out of the snow drift. A hour later the truck is sitting nicely between the warehouse and store in a comfortable little alcove free from the 120 km winds that have been battering me for the last hour. Under normal circumstances this would have been taken care of much faster as any number of people (actually the number it takes to free the truck) would have been on the scene in minutes offering their shoulders, ATV's snow machine's or trucks to help extricate the truck, one minor problem with this good will tonight though... no one could see you were stuck as no one was on the roads and you can't see squat from your windows.
Take Care

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