Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Make hay while the sun shines

Hello everyone,
Today was a beautiful sunny day and it seemed everyone was skipping out of work to have some fun.
Take Care


Morrie Portnoff said...

I came across your blog from the polar bear article.

I use to live in Kangiqsujuaq about 19 years ago when I worked for Makivik Corporation. We use to have an office there.

At that time we also had a polar bear visit whom became dinner.

I have many fond memories of Kangiqsujuaq and the friends I made, including Adamie Alaku, Jussipi Illamasut, Pieri, Charlie Argnak, Noah Annahatak, Mark and Annie Turtuluk to name a few. Say a hello to them.

I will be following your blog to keep up on the local Kangiqsujuaq news.

Morrie Portnoff

Anonymous said...

Curtisgnai, I am just trying to see how the blog works. I sent 2 messages.. (I don't know where it ended but...) I wasn't in Ivujivik when a polar bear attack Lydia Angiyou last year; but I worked there in 2004-05 and I know the "relationship" that Inuit people have with Nanook (polar bear). This is daily fear, good food, and money with the fur. And it's OK LIKE THAT!!! Lydia had to save her son's life and almost got kill by the beast! She still alive and ok! But people from South cannot imagine the life up north. When white people talks about saving the belugas.... the belugas are sick because of the white men's polution.... and because of that... the "bad Inuit" are still hunting and eating beluga!!!! What a shame!!!!!! They are aloud to kill 20 a year........... BUT THEY FEED A WHOLE COMMUNITY WITH THEIR FISHING AND HUNTING!!!!
So I read what you had to say about polar bear without knowing exactly the fact, but I agree with you when you say that we should have an other look to the north... and seeing it through the Inuit's eyes would be a good Idea
Nakurmik, atsunai