Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Guess whats for dinner

Hello everyone,
One of my customers just dropped off dinner. Look at this great piece of Char Melissa and I will be enjoying in about 15 minutes.
One a completely different note. When I was eight or nine I ordered a model building kit from a comic or cereal box. It promised to arrive in 4-6 weeks but I tell you it must have been a year and half before it arrived. I went to the post office everyday including the weekends and looked through that little window into our post box, and every time except one there was nothing but boring letters but no magic box. Living in the North is like that. Its been 5 days since we have had a plane, but somehow I still find myself at the post office everyday looking for mail, maybe they found a stray bag in the back that holds some magic for me. I don't even know what I'm waiting for, but rest assured, I am waiting and I'm waiting with due vigilance. Every package that arrives is magic, first, if its in the mail , you can't find it in town, so that makes is unique. Second, someone was thinking about us when they sent it, and that's nice. Third, it can get boring in the dead of winter this far North, I even find myself reading bills, carefully, why? Because someone wanted me to, so I am giving them due vigilance. My junk mail filter has even been through the ringer and I find myself reading more and more of the stuff (except anything religious (BTW this is not a invitation for anyone to throw me on a junk mail list please)).
Anyways, that's my life in the north.
Take Care

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Jaime said...

I know what you're saying about checking the mail... I checked it all week (I'm waiting for a T4 from the south), and only on Friday did I realize that not a single plane had landed in Rankin all week.