Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Silliness Abounds

Hello Everyone,
Well, as you can see from the comments in a previous post (the end of the world as we know it) we have a friend (OK Melissa has a friend, I have a stalker who wants me, real bad) in Kentucky who is claiming to have beaten our temperature yesterday. The city where they live is exactly 2670 km to the south of our current location, and before accepting such a outrageous claim I needed to verify. Yes... Its true, yesterday Frankfort Kentucky beat the heck out of our temp. second, while verifying this info I found out that Frankfort is currently under a heavy snowfall warning. Before 4 Am they expect to receive 4-6 inches of snow.
Ok, lets just discuss the gravity of this situation. While our current address is Quebec, make no mistakes, we are in the north. The ice in the bay will melt in June, we live 500 km north of the nearest tree, we are surrounded by tundra, our local wildlife consists of Polar Bears, Arctic Char, Seals and all good northern animals. Kentucky is, well Kentucky, mint juleps, horse races and hollers where ya can marry your cousin in order to diversify your gene pool. But don't worry, the government is investigating the situation and will have firm plans in place by 2050. I know about El Nino, and global warming and carbon balancing etc. but really think about this. It is serious.
Take Care
PS. I apologize to all my friends south of the border, the statements made in this posting we designed to annoy our fiend in Kentucky and do not actually represent our view of Kentucky, just the sort of people she hangs around with.

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Anonymous said...

Our FIEND?!?! Typo? I think not.

We got about an inch of snow after all the storm warnings. We were on the very edge of the storm system. Got some sleet - worse than snow.
They still canceled school today and the stores have been emptied of milk and bread. lol

Oh, and Curth, KISS MA GRITS!! :P