Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Sunday, more bad weather.

Hello everyone,
Its been awhile since we discussed the conditions here and since I keep hearing about the southern weather I thought we'd let our friends know what they are missing.
The sun is rising about 4:00 am (I'll never understand why the north subscribes to daylight savings time) and is turning dusk around midnight. Today the wind is coming from the south at about 50-60 kph leaving the windchill around -17, but the actual temp is only a couple of degree's below zero. We're about a month from the bay thawing and that means with the nice temps that everyone is spending their free time out on the land hunting geese and camping. Snow geese and Canadian geese are the foods of the season. We've even seen a few flies around, although they are moving slowly. It always seems strange to me to watch flies crawling across the snow.
There have been a few recent challenges in this area at work as well. A couple of managers from Inujuak failed to return from vacation so the store is encountering staffing troubles (especially at this time of year), meaning they have had to pull their butcher to work the grocery dept, meaning no more fresh meat for us. The store manager in Sanikillajuaq died suddenly a few days ago, mean just adding to the difficulties in this area. Also the store manager and grocery manager in Salluit have given their notice as they are planning on returning south in June. Our manager here in POV has reluctantly accepted the position to move up there and take over this store. As well as another couple of personal issue's for other managers that means we are running at about %50 staffing throughout the whole district. We have no idea what this will mean for us but I would assume that there will be another round of changes and moves across the district very shortly. Such is life and work in the North.
Hopefully the wind will die down a bit today and I'll be able to take some photo's to add to this post.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

32C here yesterday. tee hee. Getting too hot to soon.

Man, reading about your workplace problems always makes me feel better. Too crazy right now at the lab - short staffed, training new people, too much work, politics etc. Sound familiar? Hopefully though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel........or is that just a train!?! :)

Anonymous said...

trac- it's a train!!! watch out!!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Sounds like interesting work problems. I'm sure we'll know about them soon. We head out tomorrow and should be in Rae on Friday! We'll call when we get set up!