Monday, May 07, 2007

What was the name of that last POST???

Hello everyone,
Yesterdays post was premature and the reports of springs arrive may have been greatly exaggerated. To assist our southern readers I made sure to include a weather widget on my Blog, why, I have no idea. I check it every morning as weather up here is very important to daily life. However, I trust it as far as I could comfortably spit a dead cat. Yesterday weather Canada reported that our temp was -4 at it's highest and it was raining. Yesterday was a beautiful day that must have been zero with nice clear skies. Today was supposed to be 4- and lovely as well, and apparently all this nice weather (according to enviro Canada) has ticked mother nature off, and make no mistake she can be a vicious mother. This afternoon around three, a system blew into town with the intention of blowing the town a couple of miles further North. environment Canada still insists as of this minute that it is -4, -14 with windchill and the wind is blowing at 38 kph. I would invite that person to come on up here and enjoy this balmy weather with a gentle breeze.
This house is the furthest I have lived from a store, a total of 372 steps. Now once before in Baker lake I experienced an interesting phenomenon, when your drink something really cold you get a pain in the middle of your head starting in your sinus's and radiating outward. In Baker I experienced the same sort of thing by walking to the store, it literally felt like my brain was rapidly freezing, and I experienced the same thing today. So in today's glorious spring day I experienced this very painful and annoying stimulus. Thanks to environment Canada for advising me of the wonderful day it was going to be so I could leave my toque at home.
I will continue to have my Widget at the side of this blog, but don't take it serious, its for my own amusement.
Take Care

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