Sunday, May 06, 2007

Springtime in POV

Preparing the team to head out on the land, Needs to be enlarged for details.

The local parking lot (our front yard) for qamatiq's, since the snow is melting throughout town more and more machine's and sleds are being left on the outskirts of town rather than dragging them across the pavement.
The usual mandatory picture of Christopher. He doesn't like me to blog without putting up his picture.

Hello everyone,
It's been a very mild week temperature wise, and today the temp is zero and they are calling for rain. Due to the increasing temperature's there is a daily exodus of locals making their way onto the bay, Soon the bay will start to thaw so there is a sense of urgency to make hay while the sun shines. Another interesting thing we learned this week is all the roads in town are PAVED. We didn't realize this earlier due to the fact they were all covered in snow, but with all the thawing we're starting to see actual pavement. Its amusing watching the locals putting snow back on the roads in places so they can have crossing area's for their Ski-Doo's.
On a side note this week I had to go to the town's dentist, I had been avoiding this for the past 2 months or so. The good news (at least for me) was the dentist was a incredibly beautiful woman, the bad news was her diagnosis was far from being attractive. Looks like that discomfort I've been having for the last couple of months is a severe abscess meaning I have to get a root canal. The facilities of Northern dentistry leaves me a little apprehensive of this prospect, but we must do what we must.
We've been told we'll be doing another inventory this week, so at least we'll have both of them out of the way before the sealift season starts.
I'm still waiting for my replacement back-up drive to arrive so that hopefully I can save all the previous photo's from my last laptop and get some photo's back on this site.
Thats it for today,
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been online that much lately, due to the fact that I screwed up and downloaded some kind of a virus. I am still working out the bugs,but hopefully, my old faithful backup will allow me to keep in touch.

From your last postings, I almost sense a longing for change. Do you think you will remain in the north for many more years, or is your "tour" coming to an end? Having children in the equation seems to change our perspectives as every parent always wants to do the very best that they can for them. I am sure you will make the right choice when the time comes.

I hope that you are enjoying spring. It always seems so short. Soon we will be complaining here about the heat and humidity - only in Canada, eh?

Take care -- Rosalie