Saturday, May 19, 2007

The beginning of summer

The family that dresses the same.... well, its just sad really.

Saturday morning of the May Long weekend. Locals aren't even heading out on the land to catch a few geese.
Probably just too much digging to rescue you qamituq from the drifts.

"Everyone would gather
On the twenty-fourth of May
Sitting in the sand
To watch the fireworks display
Dancing fires on the beach
Singing songs together...
Though it's just a memory
Some memories last forever"
RUSH 1975
Lakeside Park

Hello everyone,
I was invited to join a old friend at his place (in the south) this weekend for a BBQ and some imbibing in some of our favorite beverages. The idea of such activities while looking out the window right now seems to verge on the absurd. We had a little storm on Friday night and Saturday they made the perfect BBQ weekend seem a million miles away, or at least a thousand. Since we are in Quebec, we don't even get to have the extra day off, I guess at some point in the past Quebec turned down Victoria day in favor of Baptiste day.
This week I also has my first Northern dental work. I had a root Canal performed in the local hospital. Now normally I have lowered expectations of services available in the far north. I did have the idea that they were capable of performing this procedure since they recommended doing it here. Half way through the procedure (after they had drilled my tooth away and scraped out the nerve they informed that they lacked a piece of equipment to actually finish the procedure but next time I was in the south they could just finish it off, I would only have mild pain until then. I then informed them I hadn't been south in nearly two years and didn't think I'd be going in the near future either, at which the response was "WHY?". working for the Northwest company gets you a extra week of vacation against your southern counterparts and a few other advantages but compared to the other southerns up here we get the short end of the stick. Teachers frequently get up to 4 or five trips out in a year, police the same, nurse's usually work 3 to 5 week rotations with the same period spent down south.. due to this common misconception that every quallanut up here is merely days away from leaving leads me to a few months of pain. Such is life in the North.
I hope everyone down south is enjoying their get-together and keeping out of the sun.
Take Care