Saturday, May 12, 2007

"It was a pleasure to burn."

OK, seems like a simple problem. a little bit too much to the right and the road disappears below you. In this case right in front of our house. The problems arise with the fact that the vehicle that slipped off the road is one of the heaviest in town, but this is something that's dealt with regularly.
This is how you start, with a shovel and a assessment before you have to make that embarrassing call for help.
News travels fast in a small town, it doesn't matter if you make the call, everyone knows shortly and here comes the "Calvary". Also the beast you see reviewing the scene is our local hobo, must be a retired sled dog as this dog never stops moving day and night he's on the go.
So here we have the front end loader, hook up the chain, throw it in reverse and problem solved right?
Plan a doesn't come to fruition as the tires just spin behind the weight of the Fire truck. easy solution, clear the snow from in front of the Fire truck, add a little manual labor removing the snow from the tires and let them drive out. Excellent plan B, brilliant in its simplicity.
Just a bit more, and I should get those front wheels on the ground while I'm at it.
Minor complication, the front end loader is now stuck in the snow. So, now we have two of the heaviest vehicles in town stuck within 5 feet of each other. Our front yard the black hole for million dollar vehicles.
Enter the next of the heavyweights, the digger. This time a tracked vehicle will be able to get everyone out of this mess before anyone gets embarrassed.
One down, one to go.
Now seating a table of one...
two for the money,
And away we go...
And now we are back in service for snow removal, fire and , digging. Shame that Christopher had already left for daycare as all his favorite vehicles came out to play.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Oh how unfortunate that Christopher missed it. Maybe you could ask them to come re-enact it when he's home? At least Dad took pictures!!

LOL - quite the culture shock looking at your photos today considering I just bought balcony plants today and drove around town with the windows down. But you'll get your day when you hear us all complaining about the heat in a few weeks.


T :+)