Sunday, May 13, 2007

What on the News today?

The inside of the Twin Otter taken from the second last seat. Awe inspiring isn't it, the aesthetics is only surpassed by the personal attention you get. Mainly due to the fact that your ticket taker, seat assigner, steward, and baggage handler are all the pilot.
These are the photo's from our move that we have been delaying due to technical difficulties. This photo show;s the ice breakup that was already present at the beginning of April on the Hudson Strait. Not a good sign for the north.
More of the ice break-up. Here you can see previous break lines as well as new one's showing the break up has been happening on and off for awhile.
Riding in the relative luxury of the Dash-8
The view from my seat in the Twin Otter, You can see our luggage and animals in front of the cockpit (possibly a security measure? You can't hijack the cockpit till you get over the animals.)
Looking back from my seat at the Christopher and Melissa at the back of the plane.
The View

Hello everyone,
Last night before going to bed I switched on the news. It was from a local in the states, I presume Boston, due to the mentioning of Beacon Hill. For the top 12 minutes of the 22 minutes standard schedule, Nothing other than local murders was discussed, Man shoots cop, then is shot by passerby, woman with knife shot in the street, two dead in suspected crack house, 18 year old shot in drive-by like shooting.
Yesterday in Puvirnituq, there was also a rash of shootings, and many were killed. Of course the major difference is the only thing shot here were geese, and the worst consequence of this may have been that someone had too much to eat and went to bed with a stomach ache. Surely, nothing to lead off the evening news, but you sleep better.
Take Care

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Happy Mothers day Lissa! Hope you had a good day. I spent the day picking dandelions for dandelion jelly. Only 12 more bags to go!

Brightest blessings