Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tonight is a night for reflection.

Hello everyone,
This evening I have spent allot of time of reflecting on where I am and what brought me here. I reflect upon Kafka's "Metamorphose" and the illusions we can live under without full awareness. I love the north, but its amazing what we can grow accustomed to in a short period of time. Its quarter to two in the morning and I just came inside as the sounds of the children playing on the island out on the bay 1/2 mile into the Hudson's Bay were starting to get on my nerve's. Its -4 out and I didn't think I should bother with a jacket as its so nice out. As I return into the house I find Melissa has turned the temp up to a sweltering 72 and sleep seems impossible with the current state of mind and temp. I wonder about raising a child in a strange environment, where the first three years of his education will be solely in Inukitiuk. I read a story today about a 6 month old child was starved to death by her parents who were strict Vegans and thought their child should share their same choices. Am I making that same choice for someone who cannot speak for themselves?


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that Little Bit does not have a voice of his own. If something isn't sitting right with him he can express it - whether through words or actions or getting "sick". I'm sure as you watch him over time you'll know whether he's settling well or not. And I think watching parents who have adapted will serve him well.

Yes - I agree it's amazing what humans can get used to. I was rather amazed (and sadly shocked) at how quickly I adapted during a visit to New York City. You were also quite open to the adaption I think (given your admission of loving the north). Would not be the same for all folk!

Tell Lissa it's healthier to sleep in cooler temps!

T :+)

Unknown said...

You two should consider homeschooling the tike.

Anonymous said...

i think you have to see how he is doing. some kids thrive in the school in pov, some don't, they used to have a special class for the non inuit at the school. perhaps this no longer exists. if he doesn't adapt, you either home school him or move...many do...but if he makes local buddies he'll be happier in the long run.